Developing the Autism Strategy Meeting Reports 2014-2015

Assessment and Diagnosis Workstream - we will work to improve identification and diagnosis of autism in both children and adults, and establish a clear pathway for assessment, diagnosis, care and support for individuals with ASD, their families and carers.

Meeting of 23.02.15

Life Opportunities Workstream - we will work to ensure that children and adults with ASD are supported through their whole life journey to lead meaningful lives and are able to experience equal opportunities in terms of their learning, emotional and physical well-being, and quality of life. We will work to ensure that people with autism can access culture, arts, and leisure services within their own community.

Meeting 02.07.14

Information and Awareness Workstream - we will work to raise awareness of autism amongst professionals and the general public. We will work to ensure that people with ASD their families and carers have access to clear information on local services, at pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis stages.

Meeting 19.02.15

Support for Families and Carers Workstream - we will treat parents and carers as equal partners in care and support them in their caring role by enabling them to access services for themselves and the individuals they care for.

Transition Workstream – we will work to ensure a co-ordinated and integrated approach to transition planning and ensure that appropriate support is available at times of transition, in particular from children’s to adult services.

Meeting of 10.02.15

Employment and Opportunities Workstream - we will support people with autism to identify and develop their skills, and where possible increase opportunities for people with autism to access employment, training and life-long learning so they can contribute to their community through voluntary work or employment.

Meeting of 29.07.15