Key objectives

In order to achieve our local goals, 16 Key Objectives have been identified. These are divided into three parts as set out by the Scottish Government-Foundations (by 2 years), Whole-life journey (by 5 years) and Holistic-personalised approaches (by 10 years).

The 16 Key Objectives for Stirling and Clackmannanshire

       Foundations - Goals within 2 years 

  1. Autism Service Directory: Improve access to, develop and share information on local autism services from statutory and third sector organisations    
  2. Autism Forth Valley Web Site: Single point of access for information on local autism services and training resources     
  3. Information and Awareness:Promote greater awareness of autism, encouraging the development of positive and realistic values and promoting inclusion and diversity    
  4. Autism training: Identify autism training & information packages to support professionals (front line staff), people with autism, families and carers. Where required, new information packs will be developed    
  5. Diagnosis and Assessment: Review the current diagnosis pathways, provide greater clarity on existing pathways, improve access and reduce current waiting lists    
  6. Assessment and diagnosis, physical, mental health issues: Assessing and diagnosing any potential physical and mental health issues to inform health and education services    
  7. Post-diagnosis signposting:Provide seamless access to support services following a diagnosis by increasing the links between local statutory and third sector agencies    
  8. Menu of Interventions:Develop a menu of interventions which includes advice, therapeutic intervention and counselling for children, young people and adults with ASD, that are appropriate and flexible to individual need    
  9. Transition: Develop a Moving On Passport to facilitate a person’s transition across each stage of their life journey    
  10. Monitoring: Develop a process of data collection to monitor people with ASD, their families & carers and services received to better inform planning. Using Quality of Life indicator as evaluation tool    
  11. Support Families & Carers: Carers are identified, supported and empowered to manage their caring role, and are able to have a life outside of caring

    Whole Life Journey: Goals within 5 years

  12. Review Eligibility Criteria: Address barrier to services arising as a result of eligibility criteria      excluding people with ASD without LD
  13. Monitoring Employability and Employment: developing the young work force; Identify people   with ASD with moderate to good employability potentials. Compile case study of ASD people in employment
  14. Supporting Employability: Develop in partnership with FV college a curriculum for employment

    Holistic, Personalised Approaches: Goals within 10 years

  15. Crisis Prevention: Strategic planning of services to diminish the likelihood of crisis
  16. Inclusion: Introducing a “Safe Place Scheme” in Stirling and Clackmannanshire to help people    with Autism feel confident and safe in their communities.   

You can view the more specific action plans for each of these key objectives here.