In order to promote the inclusion of people on the autism spectrum at our up-coming event we would like all delegates to follow and be aware of the following guidance.

Noise levels

Loud noises, clicking heels, jingly jewellery and clapping can be very distracting and uncomfortable for people with autism. It can interfere with concentration, the ability to process speech or exclude individuals all together. We would therefore like to ask delegates to take into consideration noise levels on the day so as to enable the individuals on the spectrum to concentrate and participate in the event. We would also like to ask delegates to show their appreciation to speakers by waving their hands instead of clapping.


Smells and scents can also be very distracting to people with autism and interfere with their processing ability. So we would also like delegates to avoid wearing high perfumed products where possible.

Refreshments and lunch

Refreshments will be available throughout the day with tea/coffee and biscuits provided at registration, the refreshment break at 11.30am. Water will be provided on the tables in the Main Hall and replenished throughout the day. We have a selection of fresh fruits, bacon and eggs rolls. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us at


There will be plenty of opportunities for delegates to participate in discussion at the event. There will be an evaluation sheet included in your pack which we encourage delegates to complete throughout the day. Post-its will be provided on each table for any specific comments or queries people may want to make about the event. Staff will be on hand to assist delegates through the day who will be clearly identifiable by their orange coloured badge.